Metaljonica P seeria 165 rannaliiva puhastusseade

Metaljonica P seeria 165 rannaliiva puhastusseade

Preferred by those who want to sift more extensions, optimizing times. Thanks to its right size, in addition to providing excellent performance on free beaches, it can comfortably switch between umbrellas.

There are several Bodies and Specialized Companies that prefer it, as well as those private structures that have a fairly large beach. The dimensions are compact, but the capabilities are of a contractor machine.

It can be applied to tractors with 50–80 HP, both in orchards and in the open field.



Vibrant surface over 12,000 sq. cm
Working ability from 3,300 to 13,000 m2 / h
Working width 165 cm
Working depth up to 15 cm with hydraulic adjustment and by wheels
Body capacity up to 0.35 mc with hydraulic drain
Tractor power 50 – 80 HP
dimensions (without wheels 170) (with wheels 215) x 145 x H 100 cm
Weight 460 Kg
Treatm. Corrosion integral hot galvanizing
Grids with reinforced frame
cowling galvanized and painted


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