Metaljonica EVOLUTION seeria 205 rannaliiva puhastusseade

Metaljonica EVOLUTION seeria 205 rannaliiva puhastusseade

Behind the excellent success achieved by the 165 model, we wanted to create a machine that had the same width – work, but that was easily carried even by not large tractors. In fact, the 205 model, as conceived, can be easily carried by tractors with 50-100 HP power.

The weight is not exaggerated and some technical features make it truly interesting. The owners of bathing establishments with large beaches and already in possession of old tractors are the ones who prefer it most.



Vibrant surface over 18,000 sq cm with double screen
Working ability from 3,900 to 20,000 m2 / h
Working width 205 cm
Working depth up to 20 cm hydraulic / manual adjustment and wheels
Body capacity up to 500 liters with hydraulic / manual drain
Tractor power 50 – 100 HP
dimensions 205 x 185 x H 116 cm and with Wheels 255 x 185 x 116
Weight 600 Kg
Treatm. Corrosion integral hot galvanizing
Grids with reinforced frame
cowling galvanized and painted


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